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Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella CD
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What listeners have said:

Received my copy of this remarkable CD at the weekend and haven't stopped playing it. The depth of the imitation of the orginal that this albumn provides is brilliant. I have already started recommending it to pretty much everybody. Each person I have played it to has been particularly interested to hear how the track "Money" (with the famous cash register) would start and in every case have smiled and nodded with surprise and approval. Try it and buy it - I did.

bloody excellent - your version of money is better than the original

incredible...2x the creativity.

Congratulations on executing such a madly brilliant (and brilliantly mad) idea.


I never thought Pink Floyd would sound so good without the instruments and effects! Way to go guys!

Awesome work! You should be very proud of what you've created, it's amazing, you've won my vote.

Killer idea guys, Very original! I like it

did i mention that ur awesome?

That shit is the mad notes

Damn this is the most original thing I've heard in a long time :D Fuckin eh

It's so different! It's so great!

awesome!! brain damage and money are my favorites

Sounds awesome to me!

Very sweet. Brain Damage sounds awesome with the high whistles.

Money is dope!!!

Wild! Very cool versions of this record!

Wow, that sounds incredible... My favorite album ever done a cappella! Wow it's interesting, i gotta say.

Oh my god this is amazing!!!! Money is a truly fascinating listen!

U guys sound magnificent!

im amazed... it really sounds incredible... wow

Man, makes me wanna do drugs again..... Shhhhhhh.....

This shits fucking awesome


Music in it's purest and finest form. Wow...

Sick Stuff

To think of all the years I wasted learning to play an instrument..! Sounds great!


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